How to Shut Up Pro-Lifers

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The other day, this huge Pro-Life activist that I'm friends with on Facebook (who I will refer to as "Mary Magdalene") posted the following message -

"Support Komens decision for breaking ties with Planned Parenthood, the worlds largest abortion provider and promoter.

[removed] or call [removed].

I mean, did it EVER make sense to be trying to save lives by fighting breast cancer at the same time you're affiliated with the mass murder of innocent babies everyday? Innocent babies who could be the future doctor who finds the cancer cure, or the future president, etc. Not only are the babies an issue, but does it make sense to be fighting the breast cancer battle while being involved in increasing the chances of getting breast cancer in the mothers of these aborted babies?! Finally this relationship is severed and we need to show our support and keep it this way!"

Do you think a comical, loud mouthed, anti-Susan G Komen Foundation, Pro-Abortion activist like myself was going to keep quiet? You bet your ass I wasn't! I commented with a friendly response to this post -


This was followed by Mary Magdalene's friend and herself tag-teaming me, essentially informing me that I support murder, that I am against allowing babies to live, and that I am basing my judgement off of the mistakes that my parents made. It was your typical warm, friendly debate about whether or not abortion should be legal/funded/supported.

This was a war of attrition, and I was outnumbered. And I had better things to do. Instead of my usual method of debating by presentation of facts, statistics, surveys, and logic - I took a different approach. I announced to these girls that for every comment posted on the thread, I will donate one dollar to Planned Parenthood. This is a win/win situation. They either shut up (they didn't), or their continued arguing would help fund the largest abortion provider in the United States. 33 Comments later -

So there you have it. If you want to shut Pro-Lifers the fuck up, just tell them that the more they talk, the more that you will donate to Planned Parenthood. After all, Planned Parenthood is going to need more funding now that the Susan G Komen Foundation withdrew sponsorship, compounded with the fact that politicians are trying to defund the organization. Why not hit Pro-Lifers where it hurts most?

To clear up any confusion, I have no personal grudge with conservatives, Pro-Lifers, or religious people. I am passionate about population control. I firmly believe that the world is a much better, safer place when there are less unwanted, unprepared children in the world. People should be educated about safe sex, and should have access to contraceptives. And I firmly believe that women should have the option to terminate a pregnancy in cases of rape, incest, forgetting to take the pill, drunk/unprotected sex, contraceptive failure, and immaculate conception. Especially immaculate conception.

Donate to Planned Parenthood

Update (2-3-2012)

Susan G Komen reverses decision on not supporting Planned Parenthood. First SOPA and PIPA get bounced, and now this? Way to go, people. My faith in humanity has somewhat been restored. I think this calls for a celebratory dance.

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