Stop Shopping on Black Friday

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What's worth more: A work-free holiday with your loved ones, or saving a few extra bucks shopping for Christmas?

To me, it's clear. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays. Especially in Detroit, where you can party your pants off the night before, get up early to run the Turkey Trot, come home for a nap, and then watch the Lions gets their asses kicked while eating a delicious meal with your family. For me, the only thing that beats it is Halloween.

Over the years, however, people have been crying more and more about how Thanksgiving is becoming increasingly invaded by Christmas. People are frustrated that they cannot enjoy Thanksgiving anymore because they, or a loved one, have to leave early to work an overnight shift, preparing for Black Friday sales.

Well, it's about to get worse. Wal-Mart announced today that they are opening at 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day with an iPad deal. And likewise, all of you fucking zombies will skip Thanksgiving dessert to rush down to the megastore at 6:00 PM just to wait in an obnoxiously long line in effort to save a few dollars on an iPad. On top of that, you will not give two shits that you are not only wasting time on a precious holiday, but also ruining Thanksgiving for others who are obligated to work that very evening.

Quite frankly, this pisses me off. It's no secret that I am an Atheist, and have grown less and less infatuated with Christmas over the years. I was stunned to walk into Walgreens the first week of October to find that they already had a section dedicated to Christmas shit.

Listen, nobody loves capitalism more than me. I believe that businesses should have every right to make a dollar whenever they need to. However, this shit needs to stop. Either stop bitching or stop shopping. If you really need to buy an iPad for your fat wife or spoiled kids, then why not pick up an extra shift at work one week? Is it really worth sacrificing Thanksgiving just to buy presents for another holiday?

The only way Christmas will stop invading Thanksgiving via Black Friday and shopping events is if you stop going to them. Refuse the urge of a sale. Before you know it, more stores will open on Thanksgiving night, and then they will begin taking up more and more of the holiday. Stop the madness. Stay home on Thanksgiving.

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