My Message to Angry Detroit Tigers Fans

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It is Wednesday October 12th, 2011 at 11:35 PM Eastern Time. The Detroit Tigers lost to the Texas Rangers tonight, which makes the American League Championship Series 3-1 in favor of Texas. And Tigers fans could not be any more bitter toward their team.

In fact, I have read numerous status updates tonight from Tigers fans from all backgrounds, a lot of them saying "Well, this season is over. There's no way the Tigers are coming back from this", along with other comments that involve scapegoating and throwing certain players and coaches under the bus. For everyone that is already giving up on the Tiger's season, I have this to say:

Just go.

Seriously, get off the bandwagon. And don't come back. I better not see you celebrating if they end up winning this thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. People should have the right to their opinions, philosophies, ideas, and a way to voice them. Also, I am aware that people don't think logically when they are upset, and often say stupid things as a result. However, all of this bitching and moaning about the Tigers is getting really fucking annoying.

I have 1200 "friends" on Facebook. I use quotation marks when I say "friends" because not everyone on Facebook is my friend. For instance, I have 1200 friends on Facebook, and maybe 30 people in my contacts on my cell phone. All of the people that I am "friends" with on Facebook consist of the following:

Actual friends
Former and current co-workers
People that I have met through friends
People that I went to high school and college with
Girls I may or may not want to have sex with
Guys I may or may not wan to have sex with*

*I'm just joking. Tom Brady still has yet to accept my friend request.

You get the point. I know 1200 people on Facebook, and most of them are from the state of Michigan. All season, my newsfeed has been clogged from people constantly complaining after every Tigers loss. They constantly complained whenever a certain player struggled. They constantly complained whenever Jim Leyland made a decision that ended up biting them in the ass (not coincidentally, nobody ever gave Leyland credit whenever he made a decision that won a game). They constantly criticized President and General Manager Dave Dembrowski whenever one of his personnel moves failed to pan out.

Here is my message to all of you morons that constantly bitch about the Tigers:

The Tigers are in the ALCS. Get over it.

All of you idiots were down on Verlander when he struggled out of the gate. He then turned around to have a historic season.

All of you idiots complained that Dave Dembrowski could not make any moves to help the team. He then he stole Delmon Young and Doug Fister.

All of you idiots jumped on Jim Leyland after every loss despite the fact that the Tigers lead the division for most of the season. In fact, some of you were preparing for the Tigers to blow the division lead just like they did in 2006 and 2009. The Tigers caught fire and slammed the door on the AL Central by mid September.

Despite winning the division, some of you idiots doubted the Tigers because they benefited from a weak division. Then the Tigers knocked out the first place New York Yankees in the first round.

All of you idiots bitched that Brandon Inge was starting games in the playoffs, and now he is hitting better than half of the lineup. Not to mention the fact that Wilson Betemit has been atrocious at the plate lately.

Seriously, what more do you self-entitled sports fans want? Now everyone is bitching and moaning because third base coach Gene Lamont sent Miguel Cabrera on a tag-and-run that result in an inning-ending* out (given, I hated Lamont's decision to not send Santiago home in game two). Say Miggy stays put at third, would it have mattered? Alex Avila was up to bat next, and he's hitting .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000130000056 for the entire playoffs and has struck out in over half of his at bats. I highly doubt Avila would have gotten Cabrera home. Regardless, Avila failed to get on base the following inning. To sum it up, the decision to send Miggy home ultimately did not matter. So once again, get over it.

* "In an inning-ending out" Try saying that one ten times fast. Constructing tongue twisters has become a hobby of mine. My best one recently is "Pregnant penguin pageant"

Come to think of it, that is what is really pissing me off: Not only are Detroit fans ungrateful, but they overanalyze the fuck out of every little thing. Bitter fans keeps saying that the Tigers are "blowing it". Here's and idea for all of you assholes: The Texas Rangers may be the better team.

To say that the Tigers are "blowing it" is a total discredit to the Texas Rangers accomplishments and a slap in the face to them as a team. Believe or not, Detroit fans, the Texas Rangers are a really good baseball team. They have a stacked bullpen, a strong batting lineup, terrific defense, and a loaded starting pitching rotation. They are simply playing better baseball than the Tigers right now. If the Rangers end up winning the ALCS, it will be because they won the ALCS and deserved to win it, not because the Tigers lost it.

After all, the same could be said about the New York Yankees. They had plenty of opportunities in game five to take the lead, and the Tigers shut them down. Of course, if you would have told any Detroit fan at the time that the Tigers only won the series because the Yankees "choked", as opposed to the Tigers simply shutting them down, they would have thrown beer at you and started a riot.

All I'm trying to say fellow Detroit fans is this: Get over yourselves. Instead of bitching, moaning, complaining, and moping about the Tigers losing, just appreciate the fact that they are in the post season. Enjoy the ride. The Tigers have only made the playoffs twice since 1987, you don't know if or when they will make it again. Not to mention, they are not even officially out yet. I'm not saying that the Tigers will win the ALCS, but they do have Verlander-Sherzer-Fister going the next three games. All three of those games, whether on the road or not, are very winnable.

Furthermore, the 2003 Marlins, 2004 Red Sox, and 2007 Red Sox were all don 3-1 in their respective championship series', and all three came back to not only win those series, but also the World Series (also worth mentioning are the 2008 Boston Red Sox who trailed 3-1 and managed to force a game seven).

On top of all that, Detroit fans, think about it like this: Things could be a lot worse. You could be a Red Sox, Yankees, or Philies fan. Three teams that spent the most money in 2011, had the highest expectations, and are sitting at home as opposed to playing baseball. Sure, those teams won three of the last four championships. But are their fans enjoying those titles now? When the Pistons and Red Wings followed their 2004 and 2008 championship runs with game seven finals losses the following seasons, I didn't think to myself "Eh, it's alright. We still have last year's title!" Just enjoy the fucking playoffs and stop bitching. Thank you.