Too much of a moron to do some research? Then avoid taking a stance on political issues

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I have noticed that people have been sharing/reposting quotes and opinionated posts at an alarming rate lately. I attribute this to the fact that someone figured out how to make such posts in the form of a picture, and thus it's easier to simply click the "Share" button as opposed to copying and pasting it in the status update field. Not to mention it gives the sharer a sense that they didn't steal the thought, considering that when it shows up on the newsfeed, it will state "via Jon Doe", thus giving credit to the original poster.

Now, I'm not about to hop on my soapbox with a cynical rant about originality, because honestly, I do appreciate people reposting funny graphics and quotes. It's the posts with an agenda that piss me off, because the asshole posting the graphic generally doesn't do any research or thinking on their own to come to the thought. They just see an interesting opinion to a subject, think it sounds smart, and then they regurgitate it all over Facebook without doing any reading or thinking on their own.

Here's one that has been posted and reposted very often lately, and I keep finding myself having to put dumbasses in their place about the subject.

Let's assume that drug testing welfare recipients does not cost more money than it's worth (more on this point later) - Having any government within the United States drug test people is arguably unconstitutional, according the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution -

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Unless a drug test is needed for a criminal investigation, no government (local, state, or federal) has any business knowing which drugs its' citizens use or doesn't use. I understand that voters and taxpayers have the right to say who and who doesn't deserve welfare money. But at the same time, the government always wastes money on stupid things that taxpayers like me disapprove of (wars, bailing out irresponsible banks, investigating baseball players that use steroids). So why get all hellbent if a few deadbeats spend tax dollars on drugs? And if you really want to drug test welfare recipients just to make sure they're not wasting tax dollars on their drug habits, then it should be mandatory that all 50 states drug test any beneficiary of tax dollars - Including public servants (politicians, police officers, teachers[1]), Social Security recipients, and people on Medicare and Medicaid.

[1]I was a substitute teacher for approximately eight months for various public school districts, and was not drug tested once. Call me crazy, but if ANYBODY ought to be drug tested, it should be whoever is responsible for educating and taking care of children.

Not to mention, welfare money is nowhere close to being enough to support a drug habit in the first place. Depending on the state, the average single-person household on welfare receives approximately $200 per month from the government. That's it. Even if you're using marijuana on a daily basis (which is cheap in comparison to heroin, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, and crystal meth), $200 will barely get you through the month. In fact, from my experience knowing drug users and abusers, I would argue that most work full-time jobs that they hate in order to support their drug habit. Mainly because they have to use drugs to cope with their shitty lives.

Now, back to my point about why it's not worth it to drug test welfare recipients. After Florida passed a law requiring people to pass a drug test in order to receive their benefits, 96% of the people passed, which meant that it costed the state of Florida more money than it saved due to the fact that drug testing barely decreased the amount of people on welfare. So if the goal of drug testing welfare recipients is to save money by weeding out all of the "undeserving" people, then why drug test people in the first place? Just to catch a handful of people who like to spend taxpayer money on drugs? That would be like making if the State of Florida made it illegal to take a dump in your pants, and then hiring more police officers to inspect people's underwear so that they can find poop culprits to fine[2].

[2]I know, not the greatest analogy. I just wanted to make a poop joke.

Of course, anybody who reads the news would know better than to post something so ignorant. The problem is, when one stupid asshole blindly shares a post like the one about drug testing welfare recipients, more uneducated and uniformed people buy into the bullshit and keep spreading it like a virus. How about you morons do a little research before blindly taking a stance on a political issue? On the other hand, what do I care? The idiots that spread the ignorance will probably need the welfare money more than I would anyway.

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