We Deserve Nazi Germany-Level Tyranny in America

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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."

-Thomas Paine

I'm going to go ahead and say it: We deserve Nazi Germany-level tyranny in America. We really do.


Because we don't care.

What's going on in America right now is what happened in Nazi Germany: The Weimar Republic was a massive failure, Adolf Hitler got elected as Supreme Chancelor of Germany and turned things around, and people were happy enough that they let the government gradually get away with abusing their power and crushing personal liberties.

The people of Nazi Germany didn't care. They didn't care that their neighbors' shops were being closed and innocent families were being sent off to ghettos and prison camps. They didn't care that Hitler invaded Poland. Because who gives a fuck about Poland? As long as the mainland was not getting destroyed, and as long as the people of Germany enjoyed their lives, Hitler could do whatever he wanted. It only lead to a genocide, global conflict, and dividing up the country for nearly half a century.

Tell me that the same thing is not going on in America right now. The Patriot Act. The National Defense Authorization Act. The IRS targeting Tea Party members. Attempts to censor the Internet. National Security Agency. PRISM and the data center Utah.

And we just sit by and let it happen.

Sure, we pretend to care. We'll change our Facebook profile pics and our Twitter avatars. We'll hashtag some catchy political phrases. Until that fat cunt Kim Kardashian has her baby, then we'll talk about that for two weeks. Then we'll debate about whether or not Walking Dead is better than Game of Thrones. Then football season will come around. Before we know it, the new iPhone will hit the shelves, and we'll be distracted enough for the government to pass more laws that grant them more power, and the United States Constitution will continue to go by the wayside.

It's time to wake up people. We need to demand change. We need to stop blaming each other and finding excuses. This is not about being liberal or being conservative. This is not about Democrats vs Republicans. We need to stop pointing fingers at George W Bush and Barack Obama and admit that those two, along with the majority of Congress, has fucked up over the past twelve years. I'm not writing this as a college student whom was brainwashed by socialist college professors, nor am I writing this as someone that watches too much Fox News. I am writing this as a rational American.

Stop making excuses. Start finding solutions.

Write your congressperson. Write both of your United States senators. Inform them that if they do not stand up for your Constitutional rights, that they can forget your vote in the next election. Research their voting record, and if they have voted in favor of the Patriot Act and/or the NDAA, then inform them that you will be voting for someone else next election. Also, vote in non-Presidential elections. Part of the reason why the federal government continues to get more powerful is because we primarily focus on the federal government. Start holding your senators and representatives accountable. Vote for senators, reps, and governors that would make a decent president some day. Make a fucking difference.

If your cellular and/or Internet provider is laying down and letting the United States government take your personal information, document your phone calls, and read your text messages, then cancel your service. Read your contract and user agreements and see if your service provider is violating their contract. Even if they're not violating your agreement, suck it up and pay the cancellation fee. We need to let cellular providers know that sharing out personal information with the government is unacceptable.

I see people posting news stories and snarky memes about the NSA on Facebook and Twitter, which is fine. But guess what? That's not enough. Things will only get worse unless we're willing to make sacrifices. Sure, everything is fine now. We have fast food, fast internet, fast cars, delivery pizza, touchscreen devices that can connect to the Internet anywhere, affordable flat screen televisions, new video game consoles, free pornography, guns, convenient entertainment options, arguably cheap gasoline, and in some places, legalized marijuana. All of those things are fantastic now, but what are you going to do when the United States government has the power to take it all away?

Edward Snowden is perhaps the greatest American hero since Andrew Jackson. He has given up a life of making over $200,000 per year and living in Hawaii in attempt to save the privacy rights of American citizens. Once again, six figures and living in fucking Hawaii! He sacrificed that for us. Is it really that much to ask to give up cellular service for a few days to switch carriers out of protest? Is it too much to ask to skip playing video games for a half hour to look up and contact your congresspeople? Is it too much to ask to skip a concert or sporting event to attend a rally or protest instead?

Approximately 230-237 years ago, men marched barefoot during the winter throughout Colonial America to fight the most powerful empire in the world so that we could have the rights that we have today. Last week, Edward Snowden gave up a rich, wonderful lifestyle in effort to keep those rights alive. Even across the Pacific ocean in Hong Kong, Snowden is scared for his own life and family, and knows that he will likely never be able to comeback to the United States ever again. It would be an awful shame to let these efforts go to waste. It's time for us to make sacrifices of our own. Would you rather give up cellular service for a while and contact your congresspeople, or wake up in Tyrannical America in 20 years?

Published on June 11th, 2013

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