Struggle doesn't attract shit

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Lately I have noticed the following Bernie Mac quote making rounds on Facebook.

I will begin by saying that I am not certain if Bernie Mac ever actually said this, but it would not surprise me. However, I could not disagree more, and it drives me crazy that so many people share it without a second thought.

First of all, money is a representation of a man's worth and accomplishments. Bank accounts and investments are measurements of a man's work ethic, determination, and career success. Like a muscular physique is the proof of hard work at the gym, money is the symbol of success in a man's career. Money is the reflection of a man's personality and character.

Aren't these traits and qualities that women should look for in a man? A man that's responsible, intelligent, creative, confident, patient, and works hard? A man that can provide more than enough food, shelter, security, and overall, a greater standard of living? Any woman that wouldn't seek that in a man is insane, and I dare say has questionable values. Bottom line, there is no shame in being attracted to someone who has money.

Secondly, a man should try to attract a woman that he desires. Whether it be a woman who looks gorgeous, a responsible woman, an intelligent woman, a woman whom he shares various interests with, or a fertile woman who is healthy enough to breed with. If a man finds a woman that he desires and loves, chances are he will be happy with her for a long period of time.

Thirdly, suggesting that men need women is an insult to men. And I'm not saying this to hate on women, I think it goes both ways. Look at accomplished women like Oprah Winfrey and Ann Coulter: Two women who are very successful in their careers and yet neither have been married. And I'm willing to be that they're not alone. On top of that, there are countless men who would have been as successful without their wives. Are you to tell me that Bill Gates never would have founded Microsoft and revolutionized the personal computer industry had he never married Melinda[1]? Get the fuck out of here. Nobody needs a significant other in order to be happy and successful.

[1]For the record, they got marred in 1994 after Microsoft was well on their way to dominating the industry.

Sure, one could argue that life is easier for a man if he has a wife at home to prepare meals, clean the house, and be intimate with. On the other hand, money can easily hire a housekeeper and the option of eating out, or delivery if needed. Men are also more than capable of performing these tasks on their own. And having a wife doesn't guarantee that the house will be clean, meals will be cooked, and sex will remain consistent.

On top of all that, struggle doesn't attract shit. What kind of woman wants to hop into bed with a guy that sleeps on an air mattress? Exactly how many pairs of panties are getting soaked over a dinner date at Carl's Jr? Is that the kind of women that men "need", the ones that settle for less and have questionable taste? Now, if the woman in this case is successful in her career and able to provide for the said struggling man, then we have an argument. However, if the woman is hard working and motivated, chances are she is going to seek a partner who has similar qualities.

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