Don't blame GTA for your shitty parenting

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Alright, so this one time I heard a joke. It goes:

"What's worse than biting into an apple with a worm in the middle?"

"The Holocaust"

To be fair, it's more of an anti-joke. An anti-joke is a joke that is so horrible that it's really only funny to the person that delivers the punchline because the other person's reaction is usually priceless.

With that said, my question is whether or not something is actually worse than the Holocaust...

There are only two things. The first is Mathew Broderick's career following "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". The second is stupid single mothers that blame their shitty parenting on video games.

Just read this story for instance.

Since you clicked the link and thought "there's no effing way I'm reading this entire article", allow me to sum it up. Some stupid bitch got upset because her 14 year-old son was playing video games past his bedtime so she called 911 on him.

I don't know where to begin by explaining why this woman, Angela Mejia, should have had four abortions (she's a 49 year-old mother of four). She is such a shitty parent that she needs to call the police to discipline her stupid son, which displays an obvious weakness in her own parenting. Then she tells the media "I called (police) because if you don’t respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?”"

Well Angela, nobody, not even a fourteen year-old dumbass like your son is going to respect a single mother who raises four dipshits in an apartment, cries in front of reporters in her own home over nothing, and is too incompetent to lay down the law at home. You would have been better off if you bought your son a 9mm for Christmas to protect himself from all of the thieves and pedophiles that live in your shitty apartment complex, because I doubt a woman that works as a cashier at a cafeteria can afford a comfortable living for herself and four children in a safe neighborhood.

Furthermore, I don't buy into this whole "you have to respect your parents" nonsense either. Most parents are irresponsible morons that have kids unexpectedly and don't know how to raise them. Telling children to respect their parents regardless of anything sets a bad precedent. For instance, say a child has a drug dealer and an abusive alcoholic for a father. So now the kid learns to respect drug dealers and abusive alcoholics, and thus thinks it's perfectly acceptable to start pounding beers, breaking the law, and beating their girlfriend. That's fucking retarded.

Even the ones that actually want children usually want children for the wrong reasons, and ignore the fact that raising children takes effort and financial stability. Some of the reasons include:

- Loneliness/Empty lives
- To keep their family name going
- (mainly for women) to lock up their loser of a boyfriend in a long term relationship
- (mainly for women) to get a meal ticket off of their rich boyfriend

And why is it so bad that kids play video games like Grand Theft Auto that are violent? Just because kids do things in certain video games, like go on killing sprees in GTA, it doesn't mean that they're going to replicate those actions in real life. Most of the people that I know that play the NBA Live games or the Madden series have no athletic ability at all, and are too lazy to play real sports. Even with the rise of the Rock Band franchise, I don't see thousands of drunk college students lining up to buy instruments and book concerts.

Besides, isn't it better that kids play violent games as opposed to joining gangs, taking drugs, or whatever is actually cool for kids to do these days? Hell, even if I had the option to let a kid play high school football or stay home and play Madden all day, I would much rather them sit at home and play Madden, considering that playing football erases any sense of personality and ultimately turns teenagers into mindless douche bags.