A few germs won't kill you

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The other day I was with a study group, and we were eating pizza. The pizza was on the table, and I was in the middle of telling my classmates about how I was superior to them when this pussy yelled at me for talking over the pizza. He told me that I should move because apparently little projectiles of my spit were getting all over the pizza, and he did not want me spreading "germs".

What a load of bullshit. Why is it that people are so afraid of germs? Furthermore, why do people ONLY have concerns about germs when it comes to food? People can get sick from anything at any time. Like the other day when I caught that special on "Mermaid Girl". I threw up for three days after watching that, but do hear me bitching? No, because bitching is for people that pee sitting down.

People are so fearful of germs that it is beyond hypocrisy. Whenever someone drops food on the ground, they get all worried and throw it away. Meanwhile people will engage in smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, performing oral sex, making out with other people, sharing clothes, and raising stupid pets. Even wiping your ass is probably more of a health risk than eating food off the ground. Don't get me wrong, smoking and drinking is cool, and I encourage everyone to try it (especially children, because children these days are lame), and I would prefer someone wipe their ass as opposed to ruining their panties. However it's bulllshit whenever I ask for a sip of someone's drink, I get denied because nobody wants me backwashing their container. What a load of garbage.

I have also worked at various restaurants, and each one of them stressed the constant washing of hands. Why? If someone is going to get sick because an employee handled the food for a brief period, they probably have weak a immune system and deserve to die anyways. Those are the same people that take up valuable time at the doctor because they don't take care of themselves and blamed some food service for getting sick. Yet people who take care of themselves and deserve to see the doctor have to wait in line for chumps that cannot handle a few minor germs in their blood stream.

I am officially going on a campaign for spreading germs. I am going to shower as least a possible, and never wash my hands after going to the bathroom. I will then fingerbang the cheapest prostitutes that I find so that I can spread diseases by giving high fives and handshakes to everyone that I see. I will rid the planet of the weak people that slow down the herd, so that humanity can progress at a more efficient rate.