Response to Gay Rant

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There are so many things wrong with this that I don't even know where to begin. I guess a good place to start is where I stand on the issue of gays, gay rights, and what not:

Gay Marriage: I'm against it. Gays, liberals, and especially younger generations (with the exception of the dipshit in the video) keep preaching that gays should have the same rights as straight people when it comes to marriage. However, I say we go the other way with it: Stop making marriage a government institution. Marriage is an obsolete practice[1]. Furthermore, it's not fair that married people get benefits like tax breaks that single people like me do not get. Also, if you're a conservative and think that marriage is still a "sacred institution" (it's not, nor did it begin that way in the first place), then let the churches decide who can and cannot get married. Everybody wins.

[1]Marriage started out as a way for families to combine land and resources. It's no coincidence that a lot of the royal families in Europe have common ancestors. The idea of two people spending the rest of their lives together made sense when the average age of death was 35. Now it's what, 75? Also, men and women have equal rights, and both have the ability to start sustainable careers to support themselves. Women no longer need the safety net of alimony and common property in case their husband decides to kick them to the curb.

Adoption: The world is overpopulated and countless children need families that can raise them and homes to grow up in. Someone's sexual preference (unless that preference is children) should not be a factor when deciding whether or not a candidate can raise a child.

Abortion: Gay people should have the right to kill babies.

PDA: It pisses me off really hard when I hear stupid people bring up the point of "I don't want to see two dudes kissing in public. How am I supposed to explain this to MY kid?" First of all, I don't care to see anyone kissing in public. Seeing a man and a woman face fucking on a park bench would make me equally as uncomfortable as two guys face fucking on a park bench. Secondly, I'm going to steal a quote from Louis CK that I see friends share on Facebook from time to time[2]:

[2]I love it that people use Louis CK quotes to get their moral point across. Nobody loves Louis CK more than I do, but is this really the guy that you want to quote to support your moral agenda? He's the same guy who said "I would never fuck a kid. Maybe a dead kid. Who are you hurting? I'm not saying that I would kill a kid and fuck him, but if I was in the woods and found a dead kid...."

Anyway, back to Rush Limbaugh Jr (who I will refer to as Captain Blood). Quite frankly, I did not really take what Captain Blood said seriously. Primarily because I don't take most 14 year-old kids seriously. When I was 14, I thought that Limp Bizkit made quality music, thought that bleaching my hair would look good just because Eminem did it, idolized Stone Cold Steve Austin, and spent more time masturbating than I did eating.

The one point that Captain Blood makes that it completely absurd is that people are simply "choosing" to be gay, and that it's becoming more of a problem because President Barack Obama is encouraging it. Oh yeah, homosexuality sure is being encouraged when gay kids continue to commit suicide after being bullied by their peers, amongst other forms of scrutiny. Who in their right mind would "choose" this lifestyle? I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with being gay, nor do I have any problems with people being gay. But I certainly do not envy them. Aside from obvious forms of discrimination and scrutiny, as someone who loves to have sex, I would hate it if my number of potential partners was narrowed down to less than 10% of the population just because of my sexual preference.

The thing that pisses me off about this video is that Captain Blood (as well as other conservatives) tries to play the martyr card when it comes to bullying when he asserts that Christians should have the right to tell Gay people that being gay is wrong because - in their opinion - they are simply trying to "convert nonbelievers". Here's a point I need to stress to Christians in America: You are in a majority. You guys don't view "spreading the word of God" as bullying (or arrogant) because Christianity is the most common religion in the United States, and thus you never have to experience the opposite end of the spectrum. Nonbelievers get annoyed when you try to push your religion them. Imagine if you were trying to live your life without hurting or interfering with other's lives, and people approached you and told you about how everything that you do and believe is wrong.

Nonbelievers and non-Christians could care less about what Jesus said, what the Bible says, what your preacher said, or anything related to Christianity. Nonbelievers care as much about Christianity and its teachings as Christians care about Islam, Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any alternative form of religion. The notion that you can tell gay people that they're wrong for their lifestyle is like an averaged sized person telling a midget that they are wrong for being short. Yeah, I know that analogy sounds ridiculous. But so is the concept that bullying gays should be acceptable because you have the right to "convert nonbelievers".

On a somewhat related note, I had to defend Captain Blood in a weird way. One of my Facebook friends posted the link to the YouTube video of Captain Blood, and some idiot wrote an entire paragraph blasting the him. There was only one problem: The person doing the blasting had painfully obvious grammar and punctuation skills. Which is unfortunate, because they were correct for their criticisms on the video. But they looked like a jackass in doing so. It's sort of like when a fat chick makes fun of another fat chick for being fat.

Anyway, I ended up making fun of this woman, who deleted her comments. She then messaged me on Facebook privately, and this exchanged happened before she blocked me from responding.

The funny thing is that I too am a comedian, and discovered that I actually have a lot in common with this person after finding her website. I also find it funny that she thinks she is more credible than me just because she is older than me, which is a counterpoint that only kids use. She was also misleading when stating that she is a teacher at a "prestigious academy", and she insulted me numerous times when I never technically insulted her in the first place. Then she blocked me from sending messages. What a stupid bitch.

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