Looking for Acceptance? Try raping an 11 year-old girl

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I came across a story earlier today on my Newsfeed about an 11 year-old girl that was raped by eight teenagers. If you're an uppity, elitist prick who needs proof, here's the link to the story on ABC News

I really don't even know where to begin with this one. Hold the fact that raping (whether it be little girls, little boys, big girls, women, men, animals, or stuff animals) is morally wrong. Hold the fact that engaging in sexual acts with an 11 year-old girl is wrong and disgusting. I am well aware that there are a select few that get off on that on having sex with minors, I do watch "To Catch a Predator" every week. But shit, even when I was 11, I wasn't sexually attracted to other 11 year-old girls.

With all of that aside, this girl was 11, and she did not even give consent. Also, she was 11, meaning she probably had never had sex before, and thus did not enjoy it. Yet eight teenagers (most aged 14-17, one of them 19) decided it would be a good idea/fun to forcefully have sex with this girl?

But wait, the article does mention that the rape was likely a gang initiation test. Essentially, the best, most plausible reason for eight teenage males to rape an 11 year-old was to get into a gang.

The thing that blows my shit more than anything is the fact that it was eight of these guys. Eight! Meaning at no point during this ordeal did one of them step back and say "Wait, this girl doesn't look like she is enjoying this. As a matter of fact, I am not enjoying this. After all, she is only 11. I mean, this all seems pretty wrong. Even if she was like 20 years old and willing, I would be getting immediate sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, or sevenths. Not to mention we could get some serious jail time for doing this." At that point, is it even worth being in a gang?

I am well aware that acceptance is vital during teen years. And that it may be difficult for some to join clubs, organizations, sporting leagues, or what have you in order to make friends and be apart of something. Thus, a lot of kids join gangs because they were not accepted by anybody else (and/or as a means to make money, as drug trafficking brings in a lot of money. Another reason why the government should just legalize all drugs. After all, organized crime thrived in the 1920's and 30's because bootlegging was so lucrative. You'd think some of these politicians would pull their heads out of their asses).

I know that gaining acceptance is not easy for everyone. But raping an 11 year-old girl with seven other guys (let alone by yourself) seems like a pretty ridiculous measure to gain acceptance. Another reason why gang members are total pussies. Now I'm not saying this just to say it. I am only saying it because it's true. If you need to rape a defenseless 11 year-old girl with seven other guys in order to get into some sort of club, organization, or what have you, you're a fucking pussy and are an embarrassment to mankind.

On top of that, I watch a lot of these shows. "Gangland", "Beyond Scared Straight", even "Intervention" has the occasional gang banger. Every gang member was some little shit at one time that all of a sudden became tough and hip because they surrounded by 20 other guys that had guns and knives. Rarely do I ever watch one of these shows and see someone that is physically intimidating, and rarely do I ever hear a story of how one of these guys had everything going for them (looks, talent, intelligence, fame, money) and suddenly decided to jump into the organized crime industry. In fact, every story is basically the same:

"I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I got picked on a lot. My family was dysfunctional. And the first group of people that accepted me were a group of guys that just happened to break the law."

Boo hoo hoo!

Sure, maybe I lived somewhat of a sheltered environment while growing up in Middle-class, suburban America. However, after college, working various jobs, substitute teaching and what not, I have come across countless people who have had rough family lives and socio economic backgrounds that did just fine. Basically, if you're a good person with integrity and personality, people will want to be associated with you.

However, if you need to rape an 11 year-old girl with seven other guys in order to make friends, chances are the "friends" that you are trying to make are not worth it. At that point, you are probably better off alone.

After all, having self pride is no necessarily a bad thing. I really do not see why everyone is always seeking to be a part of something bigger in today's society. Everyone is always bragging about their heritage (which by the way, the fact that your ancestors came to America four generations ago from Ireland does not make you Irish. Learn the language, national anthem, some cuisine, and some history on the country and then then get back to me you pseudo unAmerican fuck), joining a fraternity/sorority in college, joining the Elk's club, joining a political party, joining a street gang, or writing a blog. After all, why else would people want to be apart of something bigger besides the fact that they are insecure and have little self pride?

I am well aware that humans are social creatures. But joining social circles is not essential to survival. Look at Prahlad Jani for instance: The man just meditated in a forest for sixty years without any human interaction and managed to survive without food or water. Now that's a cause that I can rally behind!

Now that's what I call a real thug.