I Hate Wanda Sykes

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Wanda Sykes is a bitch. All she has ever done with her life is selfishly get into heterosexual marriages while preferring the same sex, and taking quality television time away from talented and funny people. It's a fucking conspiracy. How does Wanda Sykes keep getting work?  


What makes things worse is that she is probably a real pain in the ass to be around in person. You know how at times you will make some joke about a dead baby, and once in a while you will get some uppity skank, who inconviniently is in your presence, that makes things awkward by saying "My baby died"? That's Wanda Sykes. There you go making some racial/gender/homophobic remark and the bitch will probably flip a nut on you. I wouldn't be surprised if she converts Judaim and has three miscairages just so that she can ruin more fun the next time someone makes an off-color joke.

Oh, by the way, dead baby jokes kick ass. If you ever happen to make a dead baby joke around [default uppity skank], don't be ashamed because

A) Nobody really cares about her
B) She probably should have had an abortion anyways.

Back to Wanda Sykes.

Scientists seem to be unable to explain various things. UFO's, God, why people love Ronald Raegan, and why the dinosaurs died amongst various other things. I think what scientists really need to figure out is how the fuck Wanda Sykes keeps getting Comedy Central specials, HBO specials, sitcoms, and now her own late night talk show. Seriously, why is it that FOX cancels quality shows like "Futurama" and "The Critic", yet they find rationalization in giving Wanda Sykes more airtime? You'd think FOX would have realized the mistake the first time around, but no. Wanda Sykes gets yet another shot at failure, meanwhile Tom Leykis is still of the air.

In fact, I can come up with an entire list of candidates better qualified for a late night talk show. Here are some to name a few:

Dick Masterson

Alright, maybe that was only one. But damnit, Dick Masterson ought to get his own show.

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