RE: Paddy's Pub

From: Creighton
Date: January 4th, 2011
Subject: Paddy's Pub Commercial Contest

Sup dickbag? Sorry to get your hopes up with the message subject - you definitely didn't win.

You realize your rant on Coors Light and the Paddy's Pub Commercial Contest can't even be seen in the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome right? Nice coding. Maybe want to upgrade your Dreamweaver there dumb dick.

I'm the guy who made the only video you show on that unable-to-be-rendered page that won something from the contest. Glad to see you could take my video and description and mold it into something you could whine about. You're welcome for the thorough description bitch.

Quite frankly you're a fucking jackass and obviously had your feelings hurt because your shitty (truly horrible) commercial didn't make the cut. Here's one reason why: you said the word "bitches." Here's another: you took it too seriously - entirely too seriously judging by your rant. Furthermore, if you read the rules, the contest is SPONSORED by Coors Light, not judged by "them." A panel at Fox reviewed the submissions and put them on the site, then chose the winners.

Now I completely and whole-heartedly agree, the editing is horrible to say the least - I'm not a video person, or random weirdo like yourself. As far as saying it's not funny is purely a one-sided bullshit opinion which obviously proves you're in the wrong considering the sad commercial you made. I cannot reiterate enough how much of a douchebag commercial yours was. On top of this, you make fun of a girl because of what she's wearing? Seriously dude, you're fucking retarded. But I guess that's what it takes to be a self-important asshole like yourself.

I get that you're sad that you don't have a Green Man costume, and now I have two, but finding this linkback was honestly a very enlightening, but ultimately sad discovery.

Eat shit, fuck you.


First of all, I would like to thank you for bringing to my attention the fact that my website cannot be view on such web browsers as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. When I started my website, I tested it on nearly every major web browser and it worked. Apparently the updated version of IE is not compatible. And nice try on the Dreamweaver dig: I write all of my code myself. Apparently it's still not good enough. Oh well.

Secondly, thank you for correcting me on the false direction of my rant. As you noted, I directed my comments toward Coors Light, when the real enemy is Fox. I will adjust my rant accordingly.

Now to the reply. I apologize that you have the superhuman inability to read. Sure, you can comprehend random collections of letters and put them together and recognize them as whole words, but you sure do have a difficult time understanding the point behind a thesis.

Sure, I was a little upset that I did not win. But that was really not the point of my post. My primary gripe with the contest was the fact that Fox puts on a controversial show like "It's Always Sunny" (which is probably the most controversial comedy on television behind "South Park") that always pushes the limits and does not have much of a filter as far as content goes, then gets a sandy vagina about political correctness and profanity when they create a contest in relation to the show. In fact, I recall admitting that I did not have the best commercial, nor was my commercial my favorite. I was more upset with the fact that Fox decided to filter out the more profane/entertaining commercials on the website, hence the reason I posted other edgy submissions that didn't make the cut, dumbass.

Maybe you are correct, I should have taken the rules about profanity and obscenity more seriously. However, I still feel that there are two contradictions on Fox's part. First, I did in fact submit a version of my commercial where I bleeped out "bitches", thinking that they had to accept it because, after all, there was a submission featured on the website that bleeped out the word "fuck" (the submission that ended up winning the contest, deservingly so, although I thought that the wrestling commercial was the best). With that said, if they accepted that as clean enough, then why wouldn't they accept a commercial that bleeped out a less obscene word?

Secondly, one of the runner up winners' commercial was 30 seconds long, when the cutoff was 20 seconds. So if Fox is going to adhere to the profanity/obscenity rule, then they should adhere to every fucking rule that they listed. Even a jackass like you can admit that Fox was inconsistent on that part.

On top of all that, you get all defensive about how I insulted your terrible excuse for a commercial by saying that my opinion was "one-sided", when take every last chance to insult my submission and call me a sore loser. If anyone is bitter, it's you. Quite frankly, I moved on after the contest, started new projects, and pretty much forgot about the whole thing until you e-mailed me. It appears as if you're the one who keeps up with pointless tabs like browsing through different commercial submissions on YouTube, comparing your commercials to others, and sending e-mails to participants who did not make the cut bragging about how you won a green man costume. And I'm the "self-important asshole"? Hypocrite.

By the way, your commercial still sucks.

-Kirk Wilcox