Rachel Parent is a fascist cunt

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That's right, I am using a term defined as the external genitalia of a female mammal to describe a fourteen year-old girl, because fair is fair. The Natural News decided to promote this fascist cunt's appearance on The Lang And O'Leary Exchange by saying she "schools ignorant TV host" Kevin O'Leary, when all she does is dodge his questions and contradict herself.

What drives me insane about this is that I see people sharing this nonsense on Facebook, championing the girl's efforts as if it's some sort of accomplishment. It's not. You're promoting a publication like the Natural News[1], a website run by loony conspiracy theorists who don't believe in AIDS and think that the Sandy Hook school shooting was orchestrated by the United States government. The publication has been heavily criticized and denounced by various scientists and credible news sources like ScienceBlogs.com and Forbes.

[1]I would normally hyperlink all of my sources. Not this time. I feel like I am giving the Natural News and their stupid movement too much attention as it is.

But back to Rachel Parent, who is this fourteen year-old girl that openly challenges Kevin O'Leary by running a YouTube campaign to get on his show, The Lang And O'Leary Exchange. She does countless speeches where she denounces the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), and uploads them to the internet for millions to see. So if you plan on messaging me to tell me that I should find better things to do than to pick on an innocent fourteen year-old girl, I will tell you ahead of time, go fuck yourself.

Here are a few reasons why Rachel Parent is a fascist cunt.

She uses the term fascist when she does not even know what it means

This whole ordeal started when she described Kevin O'Leary, a self-made billionaire who invests his capital into private entrepreneurs and various other businesses in the free market, as a fascist. I'd argue that O'Leary is the very opposite of fascism, which is a political philosophy in which the state controls the means of production through totalitarian tactics. Rachel Parent, on the other hand, openly admits that her views are radical and is pushing for governments to regulate the food industry. Based on this evidence, Parent is far more fascist than O'Leary is.

She is a total hypocrite

Aside from being a fascist cunt, one thing that Parent seems to be really good at is avoiding O'Leary's questions. Instead of answering O'Leary's questions head-on, Parent keeps beating the "I'm doing this for the youth" drum, even when O'Leary points out numerous times that Monsanto, GMOs, and food science is, has been, and has the ability to continuously decrease world hunger and child starvation in the future. One of her answers, which really had my blood steaming, was when she asked "Should we mess with nature?" which brings me to my next point

She is pro-nature as opposed to pro-humanity

First of all, don't answer questions with questions, bitch. Secondly, YES. Why does everyone have a huge boner for nature? Nature brings us hurricanes, tornadoes, brain tumors, cancer, predatory attacks, sand storms, elephantiasis, STI's, and unwanted pregnancies. Humans have been meddling with nature for thousands of years to extend life expectancy and improve living conditions. Nature can eat a dick (both literally and figuratively). By saying that we should hold off on saving starving children to test GMOs for negative effects that might result from consuming too much of it over a long period of time is like saying we should hold off on saving cancer patients because chemotherapy might cause radiation poisoning. People in North America have been consuming GMOs for decades, and the main drawback seems to be obesity, which is caused by having high caloric diets, not GMOs specifically. So on one hand, we could make food more cost efficient and readily available to more people, including starving children - Or - We could take time to test for negative effects that might happen. Fantastic logic.

Speaking at protests and conferences doesn't make your movement moral

At the beginning of the interview, Parent boasts about all of the speeches that she has done, and yet cannot seem to give any specifics when O'Leary asks her who she does speeches for. Her answer, "I actually go to schools and um, do speeches at protests and um, different conferences as well!" Congratulations, Rachel! You are now in the same class as the Ku Klux Klan, Westboro Baptist Church, Pro-Lifers, and Anti-Gay activists, all of whom stage protests and conferences at schools. Good for you!

Here is the video exchange. Judge for yourself. Did Parent "school" O'Leary, or is she just a fascist cunt?

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