I Was so Cool in Fourth Grade

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This was me in fourth grade. Look at how awesome I was. I spent most of my time eating junk food and making spaceships out of Legos. I was such the Lego Maniac, that I had earned the right to become a Lego Snob, for I only created spaceships out of my own imagination. Only unoriginal, uncreative losers would use instructions to construct things out of Legos! What really sealed the deal was the fact that I was a proud member of the Lego Club, which meant only special people like myself would receive a magazine each month.

Only VIPs got to read Mania Magazine

Not only was I a major Lego connoisseur, I was also a fashion trend setter. Not many kids wore basketball jerseys, and even then they were usually replicas from NBA teams and players. When have those ever been hip? NEVER, that's when. However, everyone started wearing basketball jerseys with Dinsey characters on them after seeing how stylish my Tigger replica uniform was.

Tigga please!

Tigger jerseys were only part of my wardrobe though. Being a big WWF fan, I also wore a lot of wrestling apparel. Most kids wouldn't even talk to you or sit at your lunch table unless you were sporting a Stone Cold University shirt.

I swear, this girl is NOT my sister

Boy I miss being a kid though. Now I'm old, beat up, and my best days are FAR behind me. As you can see in this picture below, I'm definitely not as cool as I used to be.

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