You're probably wondering why my page consists only of a video of a cute bunny rabbit eating a banana.

Well, the other day I received an angry letter via electronic mail concerning my comedy. Here is the transcript of the letter in its' entirety:

From: "TrendyMoron"
December 7th, 2009
10:58 AM

"Your stand-up is funny. When are you available for performances?"

This is not a frequently asked question. It's fine that you are horribly, painfully unfunny, but don't lie. Nobody sober enough to write you an email is actually going to think you are funny. Hell, the drunk people in your open mic audiences were only going so far as awkward charity laughs. And even ignoring the fact that nobody thinks you're funny, it's obviously not frequently asked or else your videos wouldn't all be open mic performances.

"The people who criticize this site for the "ugly" and "crude" layout are the same morons who go out of their way to make their beds in the morning and put fancy designs on birthday cakes. The look of the cake will be irrelevant once everyone finds out that it tastes like shit."

Yeah, guess what? If your cake didn't taste like shit, nobody would even notice the lay-out.

Anyway, please stop sucking.


"TrendyMoron" (a name that the sender gave them self) made some strong points. It was stupid of me to lead anyone into thinking that me getting asked to perform is a "frequently asked question". He is also right, that I have only performed for open mic audiences (besides opening for various headline acts and doing paid shows).

However, he was wrong on one thing. My audiences were never drunk. They were rather made up mostly of friends of mine that I had to bribe to laugh extra hard so that potential bookers would be lead to believe that I am funny. The truth is that I am a fraud.

Which is why I am taking down my website. I apologize for polluting anybody's mind with my with my senseless garbage that I considered "comedy". Perhaps I am not cut out for this industry. I will from now on cut the bullshit and leave entertaining to the pros. I hope everyone enjoys the clip of the cute bunny rabbit.

Anyway, please stop visiting my website.