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It's no secret that I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Whether it's debating, trolling[1], creeping, or just plain goofing off, I get a real kick out of interacting with friends and strangers. Often times, I use short YouTube videos to get my point across. In fact, I have an entire array of clips in my arsenal, bookmarked, and ready to go if I ever need them.

[1]I have a genius idea for trolling that I cooked up after seeing my supermodel friend complain about spammers using her pictures to make fake Facebook accounts. I want to make a profile of a hot girl, add a bunch of old, bitter, conservative perverts as friends, and then troll the unholy hell out of them. Tell me that wouldn't be hilarious.

If someone posts or comments with a stupid, unfunny joke

If someone posts or comments with a bitter/angry/hateful thought

If you convincingly win a debate

Or this

Someone posts a picture of their baby

Hot girl changes her profile picture

Guy friend changes relationship status

Someone complains about having to work

And my all-time favorite. The ultimate trump card. Mainly use this if someone corrects you, or complains about your activity.

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