12 Instances where Canadians asked stupid questions

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Just when I thought that I couldn't hate BuzzFeed anymore with every fiber of my being, some idiot posts 13 pictures of Canadians asking Americans condescending questions. As if Canada were the moral authority of the universe.

Now, to be clear, I have zero beef with Canada. I have been to Canada numerous times, and enjoyed my stay each time. I am well aware that the questions you're about to see do not reflect the views of every Canadian alive. Canada has given the world many great things: Ice hockey, two of the sharks on "Shark Tank", Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Pam Anderson, Trish Stratus, countless hall of fame wrestlers minus Bret Hart (seriously, fuck Bret Hart), Terrance and Philip, and several other things that I am probably forgetting. I am simply calling out the arrogant, frost douches who think that they got the upper hand on America. Not today.

Every corner? Clearly nobody from Canada has never driven through the hundreds of miles of desert, mountain, and wooded regions in America where there is barely any civilization, much less American flags. I'm pretty sure there's more American flags on the moon (by the way, when has Canada ever been to the moon?) than in the Rockies.

Good question. Except that McDonald's discontinued the SuperSize option in 2004. So really, stupid fucking question, Canada. But I bet that all of the Pizza Pizza, and garbage food at Tim Hortons, is perfectly healthy, eh?

Oh? Sort of like how Canada produced legendary musicians like Nickelback and Justin Bieber? And let's not forget about Drake, who has mentioned drugs and sex in numerous songs of his. You have your fair share of embarrassment too, Canada.

Has everyone in Canada lived under a rock for the last decade? We elected Barack Obama not once, but twice! Part of his campaign was premised on getting the ball rolling on universal health care. So clearly Americans are gravitating toward a system of socialized medicine, which is tragic. Because universal health care requires theft, slavery, or a combination of the two. The government either has to steal money from its citizens to pay for medical care, or has to force doctors to treat patients. Not to mention, 75% of medical innovation currently comes from the United States. Countries with universal health care would collapse without the freer health care market in the United States. So yeah, that's what's up with that.

I was unaware that Ebola was such an epidemic in the United States. More on this in a minute. However, I'm willing to bet that all successful treatments and vaccines to Ebola will be discovered, and developed, by American doctors.

Aren't you just perpetuating the stereotype that Americans perpetuate stereotypes? Nice try, Hitler. Not to mention all of the other stereotypes that Canadians perpetuate about Americans with these stupid questions.

I have never personally dropped a bomb on a baby before. Once again, stereotypes. But hey, when militant Islamists hijack your planes and crash them into your skyscrapers, feel free to not attempt to eliminate any threats.

Because a notebook and a Sharpie won't protect my family.

I have a question for you: Why is Canada so anti-democracy? You can't deny someone the right to vote just because they disagree with you, or because they live in a certain region, dumbass.

Sort of like how you clowns sensationalized Ebola five pictures ago? Also, let's not forget that Canada is home to the "Naked News", a program featuring nothing but hot babes who remove their clothes as they deliver the news. Sounds pretty sensational if you ask me.

Americans question things to a fault. There are millions of idiots in America that denounce great accomplishments like the moon landing (again, when's the last time Canada went to the moon?). Many Americans also believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by the federal government. There are countless websites, books, and YouTube videos dedicated to such nonsense.

Might wanna step off your high horse before you literally break its back, Canada. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, over 60% of Canadians are overweight or obese. In fact, I googled "fat Canadians" after reading this bullshit, and found numerous results that suggest that much of Canada suffers from weight problems.

Maybe if Canadians spent less time asking stupid, ignorant questions and more time at the gym, Canadians would be able to ask such condescending questions without looking like a bunch of jackasses.

And finally - God Bless America!

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