The Best of Craigslist Personals - Volume 3

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I am very excited. Tonight is game four of the American League Division Series between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees, and I am going to the game. Things could not get any better until I noticed someone on Facebook shared a humorous Craigslist posting related to tonight's game. With that said, what better time to do Best of Craigslist - Volume 3?


looking for a reasonably attractive, relatively promiscuous, 23+ yo woman to accompany to ALDS game 4 tonight (10/4) at Comerica Park. From relatively mediocre looking bald 33 yo man Section 140, Row 8. Face value plus sliding scale discount based on attractivenes and entertainment value. PS - must have driver's license, breakfast skills optional

All I have to say is: Wow. You have tickets to game four of a playoff baseball game and cannot find a woman to go with? First of all, dating is like a job interview: You fake it until you make it. If you are looking for a 23 year-old woman to go to a big baseball game with, don't describe yourself as a "medicore looking bald 33 year-old man". After all these tickets are not easy to get, I paid $60 for nosebleed seats. There are plenty of slutty Tigers and Yankees fans that would love to brag to their stupid friends about how they went to the game. Had you just said you were 33, or just said you were bald, and left out the whole mediocre part, more women would have likely responded.

Secondly, for a guy that is looking on Craigslist for a date, you are pretty egotistical. Most postings are from desperate people trying to overcompensate for everything wrong with them. For you to demand physical attractiveness, a driver's license, AND breakfast skills is pretty laughable. Especially considering that you're nothing more than a desperate, mediocre looking 33 year-old man.

i seen a cpl of these posting and thought id try it out so first off i have a job....dont gots a car,nor a place of my own..... im 22 yrs,hispanic....originally from cali but moved to phx about 7yrs about 175lbs around 5'7-5'8 in height....stocky somewat athletic build(try to keep in shape)...i have a cpl piercings... med into alot of different metal music,classic rock and i get down with a handful of underground hip hop(necro,mac dre,smoov-e,atmosphere,hieroglyphics crew...etc)im a cartoonist/graffer....i enjoy wars,documentaries depending on the type(dont like gay hippie horror movies and war a beast at practically any shooter if u dig gettn down on halo or call of duty that a def plus.....i dont watch tv much...the news lies!but if i do im probably watching aqua teen or robot chicken......i dont usually drink or smoke cigs...but i did vote to not that nice of a person to most peoples standards...i guess i just tell it like it is and some cant handle it.....but when it comes to girls i tend to be nice...unless theyre stuck up know when girls are if ur real with me ill be real with you...simple as far as wat im looking for jus someone who shares the same interests and genuily a good,honest person...although i think the sexiest part of a woman is her eyes....i have a weak spot for redheads to race but would prefer females 30 or thats me, if you wanna know more about me hit me im gonna go ahead and toss some pix on here so you know what i look like....NO PIC NO REPLY!...if u got a FB then hit me up on screen name is king sawro........L8r

Atrocious spelling and grammar aside, I am pretty certain that no woman in her right mind read past "don't gots a car,nor a place of my own yet lol" Also, not having a car or your own place is not funny, idiot.

Note to guys: The more women know about you, the less interesting you are. This is one of the worst Craigslist postings from a man I have ever seen because he lists way too much about himself. So much so that he actually lists several potential turnoffs. Seriously, what attractive women are drenching their panties at the thought of a 22 year-old bragging about his Halo skills? That's the point of dates, for women to get to know you. Why would a woman bother getting to know you if you post an entire autobiography about yourself?


Hello, I looking for a man of integrity, who puts God and family first. Loves to be serious when the time is right, but really knows how to be silly and adventurous! Lets be real ,we are too old to not be truthful but not too old to let someone know what we are interested in ,so here goes.... I love my family, but my kids are all grown and out of the home and I prefer if you have kids that they have there own place too. Non smoker, but a social drink is ok with me. between the ages of 49- 56.I do not want to meet a man that just says he believes in God and is a Christian and that he goes to church once in a while, Honestly I am not a bible thumper, just want a man that is growing in his walk with God, and loves life.I attend church every week and have slowly become more involved. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, but alone time is very important to me as I hope it is for you just regroup,unwind, or listen to my favorite music, Here's to a new beginning!!! Here's a couple of pic's of me, the one is with my grandson.

Sorry dear, I think that Jesus has much better things to do than to browse Craigslist for dates. And even if he was looking for a woman, he could do much better than you, hoss.


Well here is the deal i would like to meet a nice woman i am a single hard working single father of one,just been in a dating slump lately why i have no idea,i'm not fat ugly or unemployed.I have an obligation to go to my ex sister inlaws reseption but i would like to have a pretty girl to accompany me and we could have a good time it will be here in sac in the area of watt ave and longview at the horsemans club.I would post pics but I dont want people seeing this because people at my work are nosey.I will send a pic with a reply,I would also like a pic of you so i know who i am talking to. thanks

"I have an obligation to go to my ex sister inlaws reseption"

Let me get this straight: Your brother's ex-wife is getting remarried, and you were invited? The fuck kind of society do you live in?


Looking for a reliable friend and biking partner -- road or mountian. I don't like going alone. I'm a decent rider and in good shape and I go 3-4x a week when I can. Looking for the same. Drop me a line and let's see what we can work out. Put BIKE in the subject line and tell me a bit about yourself.

Maybe this is just me, but this post might as well have said "I don't have a car. I don't have a car. I don't have a car. I don't have a car. Let's ride bikes lolz". Besides, I'm pretty sure that 80% of the women that browse Craigslist are fat, so I doubt you would find a woman that is willing/able to mountain bike.


I have always wanted to date a white handsome man! I'm 23 yrs old and ready for a real relationship. So if you are interested in a nice black woman reply to this ad. Any race except African American I want to try something different. Please reply wit a picture and tell me about youself. I know what I like so if I don't reply you know why. Please be older than me and not to big and not to skinny either.

Dating 101: If you look anything like the woman pictured above, you cannot be picky and expect a date. Especially on Craigslist. Beggars can't be choosers. That would be like if you shopped for an engagement ring at Wal-Mart.

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