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If you use Facebook regularly, I'm pretty certain that you noticed people changing their profile pictures to red and pink "=" signs in support of same-sex marriage. Because that's how the Supreme Court makes decisions: They check profile pictures on Facebook. I myself decided to have fun with it, altering the graphic. However I was not alone. Here is a collection of fun profile pics for same-sex marriage support.

I made this one. I was surprised that after an entire day that nobody else though of it.

The bacon sign was very popular amongst my friends.

This is one I created. I'm going to Hell.

Gotta love anything with Cage Rage!

I had to research this reference because I do not watch garbage television like "Dr. Who".

Lot of people used this one. I still think it's stupid.

Nothing says gay like two Italian plumbers who are willing to clean your pipes.

Not sure if this is just Beavis and Butthead endorsing equal rights for homosexuals, or if it's suggesting that Beavis and Butthead are gay with each other and wish to get married.

Although I'm sure there's no confusion with these two characters.

Excuse my lack of knowledge with the animal kingdom, but what the fuck is this? An otter? A seal? Regardless, it's adorable.

Another one I made.

Not a fan of Star Trek. I'm sure there's a joke to be made.

My comedian friend Razzle posted this as his profile pic. Gotta admit that's pretty clever.

This was the first one I made. As you'll see others followed the trend of posting different math symbols.

Fab's Facebook profile pic. Not bad marketing.

I see that the University of Louisville is in favor of same sex marriage. Although I cannot help but say that it looks like the bird is trying desperately to take a shit.

I assume Batman is endorsing same-sex marriage for the day Robin finally finds "the one".

If you see any other graphics not posted here or have any creations of your own, feel free to send them to me. I will make sure that the creator(s) and/or sender(s) will get credit.

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