The Story of Chase Favre - Finale

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A few nights ago, a random guy sent me a text message thinking that I was this girl named Ciara. I decided to play along. This is the conclusion to the series. For part 1, click here, and click here for part 2.

I have to interrupt. I had to take a break because I had to drive two hours from Los Angeles to Irvine to see Dr. Yaron Brook speak. Yaron Brook is a badass speaker and I had been pumped to see him in person. If you're into philosophy and economics, I highly recommend checking him out on YouTube and picking up his book, Free Market Revolution. Anyway, I don't like to text while driving, and I was not going to let anything interrupt my experience at Dr. Brook's lecture, so I silenced my phone for most of the evening. By the time I had left, I noticed that I had five missed calls from my secret admirer.

I can now say that I somewhat know was it's like to be an attractive girl. I sometimes scoff whenever I hear girls complain about guys being hot on their tail, but now I get it. Seeing these missed calls one after another really creeped me out, and made me concerned for Ciara. So I decided that I would pretend to be drunk as an excuse to not call Chase back, and then come clean the next day to clear poor Ciara's name.

Part 1
Part 2

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