Anti-Pistons Mailbag - May 17th, 2012

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Vance (Detroit): I think the Pistons should make a serious bid for JaVale McGee. He would really complement Greg Monroe with athleticism and shot-blocking ability that would make a formidable young frontcourt.

These are the most annoying questions: When people say "The Pistons should trade for this guy", without suggesting a way to get the said player. It's almost like how Pro Lifers want the government to outlaw abortion, but don't really offer ways of enforcing the law, penalizing people who performs the said abortions, who should get penalized for the said abortions (the doctor/practicer, the mom, or both?), etc.

It's fucking asinine. Yeah, the Pistons should make a bid at Javale McGee. First of all, why stop there? If you're going to make a stupid statement, why not just say that the Pistons should make a serious bid at someone who is actually good, like Lebron James? Secondly, what should the Pistons offer for McGee? Monroe is out of the question considering you're having an odd wet dream of McGee and Moose playing together. Denver is set in the backcourt, and they already have a reliable 3 in Galinari. So. . . . . what else is there? Fucking moron.

Sebastian (San Marcos, Texas): What do you think about a trade of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva for Amar'e Stoudemire? It would give the Knicks reliable scoring while giving the Pistons an All-Star power forward. Would either team be interested?

I take it you don't watch much basketball, Sebastian. Amar'e Stoudemire is not an All Star power forward anymore. Furthermore, he would not solve any of the Pistons' biggest problems, which are rebounding and protecting the paint (Stoudemire is mediocre at both, and Monroe is not there yet and might not ever get there).

Also, I don't know what your definition of "reliable scoring" is, but if you ask me, it's definitely NOT two guys who combined for a grant total of 21 starts and and collectively averaged 19 points per game last season.

Tiba (Detroit): Chandler and Stoudemire don't look like they work well together because the paint is too congested. Maybe a stretch four would help the Knicks. How about Villanueva and Prince for Chandler, or throw in Jerebko and get Stoudemire? That trade makes sense for both teams.

No, it does not "make sense", actually. It makes sense in your fantasy world where every NBA GM has Down's Syndrome, Tiba. You honestly think that trading the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, the Knick's only center (who is also a top five center in the league), and the player that made the Knicks 30% better defensively and helped make Jeremy Lin stand out for a role player of a small forward and a lackluster power forward when the Knicks ALREADY HAVE A FUCKING STARTING SMALL FORWARD AND POWER FORWARD "better"?

Marvin (Richmond, Va.): Dallas is looking for a veteran guy who can create off the dribble and will have lots of cap space. If the Mavs can't get Deron Williams, what about a trade for Ben Gordon? He fits the bill and has only two years left on his contract. With Dirk's career winding down, this seems like a good fit.

I was ready to rip this question to shreds for how stupid it would be for Dallas to trade for Ben Gordon (Jason Terry is very similar, and I don't see BG getting along with Rick Carlisle). Then I remembered that Dallas is notorious for accumulating players who are past their prime. Raef LaFrentz, Antione Walker, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion. Taking on Ben Gordon makes perfect sense for Dallas. Especially considering that they will likely try to unload Lamar Odom this offseason.

Bill (Windsor, Ontario): Stuckey, Daye, Singler and the No. 9 pick for Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons and Houston's 14th and 16th picks. Does either team do this?

I'm sure that Daryl Morey (Rockets GM) would pull the trigger in a heartbeat considering that he would be getting away with robbery. After all, Kevin Martin and Rodney Stuckey are pretty much the same player, except that Stuckey is a better defender and about 70 years younger. Not to mention, there will likely be nothing but role players at the 14th and 16th picks, whereas upside/potential players like Harrison Barnes and Austin Rivers might be on the board at number nine.

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