Anti-Pistons Mailbag - March 10th, 2012

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I read a lot of NBA-related material on the Internet. One of the sources I read is Keith Langlois's Pistons mailbag, where Langlois (local Pistons analyst) answers questions from stupid fans every week. Every time I read this, I get angry at how many stupid and misinformed Pistons fans there are. Some of the e-mails they send makes my blood boil, and I cannot help but think that Langlois wants to cut his wrists every time he reads these stupid questions.

Fortunately for me, I am not Keith Langlois. I don't have to filter myself and be politically correct on my website. So I am going to answer his emails as I see fit. This is the anti-Pistons mailbag.

Lloyd (Clinton Twp., Mich.): The Pistons had a great win against the Lakers, but the disappointing thing is there was not much contribution from Knight or Monroe. This was mostly the work of the veterans and a great coaching job by Lawrence Frank. What do you think of the Pistons making a deal for John Wall and JaVale McGee in Washington? Seems they are a better fit with the coach's defensive mind-set.

Hey Lloyd - If you love John Wall and Javale McGee so much, why don't you go to Washington and become a Wizards fan? Everything seems to be working out smoothly for the Washington Wizards. After all, they only have the second worst record in the entire fucking league. Not to mention, Washington would never flip two blue chippers for two other blue chippers without some serious incentive.

Also, why is everyone so in love with Javale McGee? Don't get me wrong, he is one helluva force on defense. But that's the thing - Defense is much easier learned than offense. It would be much more difficult for McGee to develop Greg Monroe's passing and scoring skills, while Monroe already has the skills to rebound, is learning from a defensive coach, and is being mentored by a four time Defensive Player of the Year (Ben Wallace). What the fuck will Javale McGee learn with Lawrence Frank?

Marcus (Kalamazoo, Mich.): Tyrus Thomas and Andray Blatche are two players whose on-court performance hasn't matched their physical ability. They have each shown promise and both recently signed fairly large contracts. Any chance we swap Charlie V or Ben Gordon in hopes that a change of scenery would do good for everyone involved?

Ty Thomas's on-court potential has never come close to touching its' ceiling because it's clear that Ty Thomas is a piece of shit mentally. The man has only been in the league for six seasons and has had plenty of opportunities on various teams. Don't you think we would have seen something by now? If he really had what it took to be en effective player, it would have surfaced at some point. A case could be made that guys like Zach Randolph took eight years to make the playoffs, but at least Randolph would put up 20 points per game on bad teams. Ty Thomas has never done anything impressive.

As far as Andray Blatche goes, he is putting up 17 points and 8 rebounds per game on a Wizards team that is going nowhere. I think he can be effective if he's your fifth best starter, or coming off the bench. Regardless, Washington would be stupid to downgrade Blatche to Charlie V without either taking back a draft pick in return, or unloading a big contract. Do the world a favor by pulling your head out of your ass and stop wasting everyone's time on the trade machine, Marcus.

Dawn (Allendale, Mich.): Joining the fray of trade talk, I vote for getting Chris Kaman (now or later), not only a talented big man but someone who actually wants to come home. On the other side, I vote for trading Charlie V. Percent chances of either happening?

"Chris Kaman is a talented big man" is the biggest lie I have heard in 2012. Sure, Chris Kaman puts up decent stats at times. But when's the last time he was in the playoffs? 2006. Why is everyone from Michigan in love with this guy? If you look at the last season he was with the Clippers on 82 Games, their worst five man units all involved him. He was never in their better five man units. Kaman couldn't make the playoffs with Zach Randolph and Baron Davis in his lineup. Do you really think he would do any better with Greg Monroe and Rodney Stuckey?

Brian (Detroit): I have heard people talk about trading Austin Daye, but I think that would be a mistake. If he was in the rotation consistently, he would be playing better, don't you think?

Austin Daye showed a glimpse of promise in the 2010-11 preseason and never made any progress. He's had three years to crack the rotation and prove himself, and yet still finds himself buried in the bench. That's not a coincidence, Brian. Real ballers like Jeremy Lin seize an opportunity and make the most of it. Pieces of crap like Austin Daye continue to contribute to losses. I have never once watched Austin Daye and thought "he can be the starter on a championship contender one day". So why waste valuable minutes on a guy who will never matter in the grand scheme of things? You'r better off having a glue-guy veteran like Tayshaun Prince on the floor so it does not look like the Pistons are an abortion every night.

Ryan (Grand Rapids, Mich.): I really like the direction of the Pistons, but I have a couple of suggestions to speed the road to contention. With Daye out of the rotation, trade him to San Antonio for James Anderson, use the amnesty clause on Ben Gordon and sign Jeff Green and Greg Oden. If we have a starting lineup of Monroe, Thomas Robinson, Prince, Stuckey and Knight with a bench of Oden, Jerebko, Green, Anderson and Bynum I think that's a playoff team with a very high ceiling.

Oooooooo! Greg Oden, Jeff Green, and Ben Gordon coming off the bench! I'm sure that teams like Oklahoma City and Miami will shake in their boots when they have to face that lineup in the second quarter! Idiot.