Anti-Pistons Mailbag - October 18th, 2012

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Lee (Wixom, Mich.): Just wondering, since we're four games into the preseason, if things have changed in your opinion with Terrence Williams. Is there any way he can make the roster? He provides more than Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye.

Well, Lee, I don't know if you're aware of this, but Daye and Villanueva - deservingly or not - have these things called contracts. You can't just get rid of them. Besides, what's so fucking special about Terrence Williams? If Williams is such a great player, then why haven't a desperate team like the Bobcats[1] or Magic signed him yet?

[1]The Charlotte Bobcats are so desperate that they announced that Ben Gordon will be their "closer" this season. For those who don't know, Ben Gordon is a shooting guard who couldn't start on a lottery team last season. Call me crazy, but I don't think the Bobcats will have a very fun season in 2013.

Josko (Split, Croatia): Greetings from Croatia! You've been watching players throughout the summer. Can you tell which areas Knight and Monroe have improved in the most?

Well Josko, considering that Monroe didn't even play in the summer league, and the fact that the Summer League is a horrible way to gauge talent and progress, no.

Boaz (Tel Aviv, Israel): I know it's only been a few games, but if Drummond can continue to play at this level throughout the preseason, shouldn't he start? Also, isn't Tayshaun Prince better suited to coming off the bench at this point? His experience and level-headedness would help the second unit and having a guy like Jerebko start could really boost the team's energy level.

Jerebko is a stretch four, idiot. He can only play small forward in limited doses. Not to mention, Jerebko has played two seasons in the NBA, both of which were on lottery teams. Prince has established an entire career on being a reliable and intelligent role player on both ends. And aside form Corey Maggette, he is the only veteran on the Pistons.

David (Lansing, Mich.): Was Andre Drummond a star in high school? I think he is like a young Garnett.

How about we refrain from following up questions with ignorant statements, Dave? You ask about Drummond's high school experience, then go onto make a comparison based off of not knowing a fucking thing. That's like saying "How much money do you make? You must be a millionaire."

Muka (Sydney, Australia): I love the aggression and the intent to get to the basket in the first three preseason games. But it needs to be balanced with outside shooting. That's why I believe the rookies performed better than the veterans. How can we solve this balance issue with Stuckey playing the two spot? Do we start English and bring Stuckey off the bench?

Brilliant idea there, Muka. Let's just throw away any possibility at making a playoff run just so that we can have slightly better outside shooting by starting an unproven rookie. Because that's all that fucking matters in professional basketball: Making three pointers.

V (Ann Arbor, Mich.): It looks like the best use of the Pistons' cap space will be to trade with a team desperate to shed salary and avoid the luxury tax. What do you think it'll take to get Pau Gasol? Watching two skilled big men in Monroe and Gasol play next to each other would be a thing to behold, even if just for one season. What other teams will be looking to shed salary?

I stopped reading after Pau Gasol. How stupid do you think the Lakers are? They are not the most successful organization of the last three decades by mistake. I haven't even gotten to the point where they managed to attain Dwight Howard and Steve Nash this offseason without giving up Gasol. So why would they trade a top five (maybe top three) power forward to a team that has nothing to offer in return? I love Knight and Stuckey, but they're certainly not better than Nash or Bryant. Even slightly upgrading at small forward wouldn't be worth giving up a player of Gasol's caliber.

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